2018 Scouting For Food
Thank You for signing up to participate the 2018 Scouting For Food Drive. This is a great opportunity for Scouts to give back to our community. Please provide the information requested below and your District Scouting for Food Chair will contact you.
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*Chartering Organization
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Please provide the information below for the Unit Scouting for Food Coordinator. This person will be our point of contact.
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*Phone Number
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A Co-Coordinator is required for Units with more than 35 registered youth. If your Unit will have more than 35 please provide additional information below
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Las Vegas Area Council . 7220 South Paradise Road . Las Vegas, NV 89119 . 702-736-4366 . Fax 702-736-0641 upstairs . Fax 702-949-6022 downstairs